We take the 'sus' out of sustainable

Welcome to Stainable Ink., we’re the only place to get truly sustainable quality-controlled lightly used t-shirts for printing.  

All of our shirts are twice hand-inspected, reclaimed garments sourced through auctions, overstock, and thrift stores. Every single one of them was on the path to landfill and many of them have never been worn even once. 

We partner with local businesses to provide screen printing, digital garment printing, and many other printing techniques for your custom swag. We are also happy to optimize your logo or design for each of these printing techniques.

For printing inquiries, please contact Torben @ (510)500-5129

We also recently started running live, on-site, screen printing workshops where we show people how easy it is to upcycle by teaching them to screen print on their own used shirts. 

The main reason why no one else is in this business is because it’s hard to find a consistent supply of high-quality reclaimed shirts; we’ve created our own unique supply chain.
The supply chain consists of a growing community of thrifting experts who sell us reclaimed shirts, thus maintaining our inventory.

Their work is the work that truly fuels the sustainability movement, if you’re interested in joining the this community, please reach out.